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I have actively practiced as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and massage therapist since 1993 with special interest and training in the Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) technique. My experience is with lymphedema disease, edema in general, pre- and post-surgery massage, cosmetic surgery edema  and more.   My search for a low or non impact movement modality led me to become a certified trainer in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® I have found it to be a helpful movement modality to stimulate the Lymphatic system and other stagnation out of the body. The Gyrotonic method is the base for movement sessions used at the office. Palliative care is another direction of great interest, as many of my clients are in disease states.  My mission is to provide compassionate care and resources for my clients.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lisa's Lymphedema Toolbox

These tools may help to manage your Lymphedema.

Not all will apply to you and not all are to be done each day, this is a selection of tools that you may choose from each day.

Pick the things you enjoy and will look forward to.

Mix it up and go easy, there is no benefit to overdoing and it and may even cause a setback.

Compression garments should be worn for all exercise. And night garment worn if needed.

Swimming or walking in the pool. Immerse up to the collar bone and enjoy the view.
Trampoline. Gently bounce starting with 1 minute and increasing each day, use a balance handrail if you are at all unsteady.
Heel Lifts While standing come up on the toes and come half way back down so the heels do not touch the floor. Start with 5 and increase over time, to be done throughout the day.
Gyrotonic movement sessions 
Getting on all fours and letting your belly relax, then draw the belly in and let it go, try to increase over time.
Chi Machine, start with 5 minutes and increase over time. Try for twice per day, Pad the ankle with a towel and use knee bolster. Always use on the floor with no pillow or can use small hand towel under head. The goal is movement! The brand I have experience with and can recommend is the " Sun Ancon Chi Machine"
Elevation. Using a leg elevator pillow with head slightly elevated to create a slight v position. While elevated point and flex the toes for 10 times and increase over time. Elevate for as long as comfortable. No need to sleep elevated.
Standing tall swing arms side to side to create a work screw motion, try several times per day.
Blowing up balloons, deep breathing exercises 
Belly laughing, singing, shouting and chanting
Belly dancing
Chi Gong, Tai Chi
Hula hoop
Self MLD
Body brushing
Compression Compression Compression plus donning device to get them on
Water in, water out, so get enough water
Temperature regulation, below 105 and nothing below zero is the safe zone
Bug spray
Ph balanced body lotion stay moist!
Garden gloves to keep skin intact.
Home manicure set, no spa manicures or pedicures due to infection risk.
Electric shaver no straight razors.
Movement. All body movement moves lymph so keep it going without overdoing.
Fun release your own natural feel good chemicals, great for everything.
Meditation, staying calm and balanced is helpful. Lymphedema can be helped with small lifestyle changes and a positive attitude.
Clean Diet/ Low carb, salt, sugar and chemical ingredients.
Tape measure, to keep an eye on any possible changes.
Medical ID bracelet to ID the limb affected with L.E   Avoid injections and BP cuff.
Partner/ caregiver education in MLD 
Professional Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) sessions regularly.

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